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The Superbowl Helped Me Understand How I Am Like God

One of my favorite things about sports are the metaphors that are created for me from watching the game.  This past weekend watching the Superbowl I began to contemplate how the game I was watching helped me understand the nature of people’s connection to God.  A football team is two things at the same time:  On the one hand it is a group of individuals with individual characteristics, personalities, egos and skills.  At the same time they are a team who function as one unit. 

Make Time to Change

Hillel said: Say not: When I have time I will study because you may never have the time. (Pirkei Avot 2:5)\

Many people believe that the word Mitzvah means good deed.  In fact it means commandment.  However, I would like to offer that the mitzvot are not commandments but rather are individual indicators of what we are capable of doing and being. 

When the Torah tells us not to lie, or steal, or to honor our mother and father, it is not merely prohibiting negative action.  It is really saying: 

Minding Your Body And Soul

Our bodies and souls are not two separate entities, but a pair that feed and nurture each other. It is always important, from a religious mindset, to remember to not only take care of our souls but to take care of our bodies as well. As we enter the cold season, please take good care of your bodies. Wash your hands, stay home from work if you are sick, and give your bodies the attention they need.

One of our morning prayers, Asher Yaztzar, illustrates why taking care of the body is so important:

Stop And Feel The Flow

When was the last time you just stopped?  When was the last time you looked around?  When was the last time you paused to take things in?  I love sitting on the sand of the beach and watching the waves.  Time seems to stop and I am completely in the moment.

This state is known as flow:

Don't Waste Time Making Resolutions

One of the proven paths to a happier, more joyful you is through gratitude. Acts of gratitude have been scientifically shown to improve ones overall quality of life (see the research done by Dr. Robert A. Emmons). Please enjoy this weeks Shavuah tov message from Rabbi Paul Kipnes and ReformJudaism.org, as he offers a type of resolution that is sure to make a difference.

Don’t Waste Time Making Resolutions - Instead, Count Blessings

By Rabbi Paul Kipnes, 1/2/19

Right and Wrong and the Story of Hannukah

Are right and wrong subjective or objective states?  What makes an act wrong versus justified? This is one of the questions that arises from the holiday of Hannukah. The Jews were living in Greek occupied Palestine.  At first life was good for the Jews. Then after a time they were forced to worship the Greek gods and make sacrifices to them. Unwilling to do this, a group of Jews, lead by the Maccabees, revolted.

Unhappy Americans

I am currently taking an online course called the Science of Happiness.

This is the Article from ABC 13 By Christi Myers:

Americans actually report being among the most unhappy people in the world. Anti-depressant usage has increased 400 percent since 1994. So why are so many people may be unhappy, and what you can do to change that?

Lorraine Robertson is lucky.

"I wake up happy," Robertson said.