Jewels of Elul

Craig Taubman is a singer/songwriter and music producer based in Los Angeles, California. For several years now Craig has offered "Jewels of Elul", daily reflections delivered by email, in preparation for the High Holy Days. Craig writes:

A few months ago, I went out to lunch with Bruce, an old friend, who asked me what it would take to bring back Jewels of Elul? I answered, “Time and money.” He said, “What if I gave you the money?”

With this brief, generous response, Bruce gave me two gifts – the funding for this year’s Jewels and the theme: What if?

“What if” is the ultimate dare, the permission to think out of the box and reach for what might, could, or ought to be. It is the spice of life and for me, the fuel that drives me through the day.

The High Holy Days are brilliant, annual, spiritual do-overs, to imagine and reevaluate how we are doing. A healthy willingness to ask “what if” questions can lead to the next big - and little thing. It always has, and it always will.

I doubt you will agree with all of the “what if” conclusions from this year’s Jewels, but what if you were open to asking the questions?

The Journey begins tomorrow - To a sweet, joyous and healthy New Year.