High Holy Day Appeal

The other day somebody came up to me and asked if it was alright for them to attend Torah study.

I asked, “why wouldn't it be alright?”

 They replied,  “well I haven't paid my dues yet.”

 I paused for a moment and responded,  “First, of course you can come to Torah study. Second, don't think of dues as your admission into the synagogue rather think of the money that you give as supporting the vibrancy and flourishing of the synagogue. You're always welcome regardless of the money you give. However, please know how much the money given means for the vibrancy and successful operation of the synagogue.”

 The money we receive from dues, contributions, and pledges go towards scholarships, building improvements, programming and staff. To send a child on a youth group weekend costs $200 usually. When we take in donations, we are able to cut that price and get more of our kids to experience the larger Jewish community. To go to summer camp is thousands of dollars and when you gave to the campership fund it allows us to offer scholarships to families in need.  Many of these families would not be able to go to camp if not for your generosity. Your donations help pay for us to have scholars, musicians, social programs, insurments, and innovative programming throughout the year.

Meaningful programming does not come for free.  With your contributions to the capital campaign, dues, and any and all financial support and time that you give to the temple helps us to create a vibrant and thriving Judaism within Cheshire and the Reform movement.  Your money matters and makes an impact and is appreciated more than I can say here. If you have not done so already, please make a pledge to the congregation for the annual campaign — it truly makes a difference.

Support Our High Holy Day Appeal