TBD 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Celebration!


TBD Artist in Residence

Oct 19 - Oct 21

We are very excited about our weekend artist. Rabbi Debra Zecher. She was the rabbi in Great Barrington for many years before following her love of combining broadway and rabbinic music. The Friday and Sunday programs will be wonderful and the Saturday program is especially interesting. Her program highlights music of Carol King and other Carols presenting with songs what it was like to be a woman and to be a Jewish composer and performer.

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Below is Rabbi Zecher’s explanation of the evening:

Jewish Caroling

Carole King, Carolyn Leigh and Carole Bayer Sager share more than a similar first name. Each of these talented Jewish songwriters helped to create a soundtrack for a generation. You know their songs even if you don’t realize they’re the ones who wrote them. “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King, “Best that You Can Do (Arthur’s Theme)” by Carole Bayer Sager and “Hey Look Me Over” by Carolyn Leigh offer just one example of the popular songs written by these songwriters. Each one not only dealt with issues of being women in a field predominated by men but also faced the challenge of finding the balance between their Jewish identity and American popular culture. Did their Jewish identities inform their work? Join us for an evening that celebrates the great contributions of these women to the Great American Songbook.

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October 19th - Special Shabbat Service

December 1st - Gala at the Peabody Museum